Delights from France

At Bonjour French Food, you know it, we are delight foodaholic. And we fell for an edition ok cooking books Délices en France. We were unable to resist when we saw it.


At first glance we were touched with their appearance: a cardboard presentation soft to the touch because not glazed, slightly faded colors that stay bright but not garish. It looks like an old grandma cooking recipes’ book. In the old style, perfect for an attentive gift for a foodie. Bonus: you can use it as decoration in your kitchen, in addition to your gourmet vintage posters.

Each book includes 30 cult-favorite recipes of one chief, master in his profession but also a master of knowledge in the region he comes from. Local cuisine from a local chief, what’s better?

Forget about burgers, innovative cooking, molecular cuisine or anything said to be trendy. Nothing is better than a traditional meal. We have to admit these meals are and will always make us nostalgic. They remind us the « home sweet home », the tasty and dressed dishes mummy and daddy cooked for us. For French people, the only sound of « blanquette de veau » « poulet au maroilles » « piperade » « choucroute » « kig ha farz » « teurgoule » and others is enough to warm our heart.
The books take these cult recipes over but also make us discovering new one we would not imagined before. Flavorful as well, and unknown except for the locals. Appetizers, main dishes and desserts.

When we think about the North of France we see colliers in their red bricked houses, warming up with meals that toughen up like a strong Maroilles cheese. Northern people of France know how to raise the ambient temperature and not only in your plate. Sweetness perfectly mixes with salty dishes to create friendliness. In the country of the beetroot and the hop, beer and sugar give a special color to dishes. Just like the wine, each beer has different subtle flavors that will define the best dish to go with.
Focus : Maroilles Pie. One slice of pie with some leaves of lettuce, perfect for a light summer dinner. Or in your aperitif for a friendly reunion.


When we think about Normandie we see cows playing in huge green areas under a stifling rain. The countryside, flowered cottages and fresh air. It’s all of this that generates the good products of Normandie: milk, butter, cream, eggs, apples, cider and calvados. All together to come up with welcoming dishes for sharing moments. And after the rolling countryside comes the coast to add an iodine shape to the dishes.
Focus : Mussles Scrambbled Eggs. For a Parisian brunch or on a toast for you aperitif.

When we think about Alsace we see the famous choucroute, bretzels, white storks, half-timberings, locals wearing traditional clothes and headdresses. But not just. They preserved their traditions to create serious but jovial recipes. They know how to harness the wealth of their lands to produce wines known for their quality but also good hopped beers.
Focus: Asparagus Pie. Like any good and tasty pie, it is self-sufficient in your plate with lettuce; or for the aperitif. A Klevner (white Alsatian Pinot) will be perfect with it.


When we think about Bretagne we see locals with the traditional headdresses (called bigouden) eating crepes with salty butter and fishing at the same time. Indeed, it is said that the inhabitants of Bretagne are born « with salty water around the heart ». That means they must be the really one good people to know how to enhance fishes, crustaceans and shellfishes with subtlety and originality. Bretagne is also the « gold belt » of France that possesses wealthy lands and offers us quality potatoes, artichokes, cauliflowers and peas to create delicious dishes.
Focus: Stuffed Clams. Bring the Ocean to your aperitif. Like a fresh air of iodine on your palate. Drink it with a brut cider to discover Bretagne.



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