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Foodies Trip Paris

Bonjour French Food Lovers!

Last week we gave you some personal advices and good adresses to visit Paris. We hope you liked it. Here, even more!

What to do

foodies trip coulisses du chef berthé²

Les coulisses du chef: Olivier Berté

Sometimes considered as inaccessible, the French cuisine opens its doors to amateurs and shares its secrets thanks to the chef Olivier Berté. For 3 hours you will be able to follow its teaching from Wednesday to Saturday, with a different full menu proposed each day, with products of the season.

Where to shop

foodies trip paris epicerie générale²

L’Epicerie Générale
The shop was created by a fashionista passionate about organic food, who found hard to get french organic products at a reasonable price. L’Epicerie Générale offers seasonal products coming from small local producers. With its sandwiches, picnic sets and take-away food, the shop is very convenient while strolling around the left-bank43 rue de Verneuil / Metro Solférino

Where to eat and drink

foodies trip le servan²

Le Servan

Here is a little address from our neighborhood that symbolizes well the new Parisian cuisine, mix of the French terroirs and influences from the whole world. Duck hearts with chili sauce, Beef Miso with leeks and other gastronomic encounters This is the Paris we love: yummy and always surprising!

32, rue Saint-Maur / Metro Voltaire

What to eat

foodies trip marché des enfants rouges²

Le Marché des Enfants Rouges

There are more than 80 street markets in Paris. The unmissable weekly rendez-vous of Parisians with farmers and retailers. Located on the upper Marais area, the covered market “Les Enfants Rouges” is opened everyday. Ideal for a tasty walk among the rich displays. Enjoy an on-the-go lunch there.

39 rue de Bretagne / Metro Filles du Calvaire


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