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Foodies Trip Paris

Bonjour French Food Lovers!

Planning to go to Paris?

Paris is definitely a foodies’s destination. Of course, like in every major cities, you’ll find awful places, where quality does not meet the expected standards. Don’t keep that bitter image of Paris! The city is full of chefs, artisans and retailers who fully involve themselves in the quality of French gastronomy, between tradition and creativity.

What to do

Sliced baguette with butter

Paris by Mouth

Discovering Paris by its neighborhoods through its culinary secrets during a 3 hour tour: that is the Paris by Mouth experience. Thanks to the guides, and the small group format, you will be sure to discover the French specialities as a Parisian connoisseur. Be careful to book in advance.

Where to shop

foodies trip terroir des gourmets²

Terroirs des Gourmets

The philosophy of this place is simple: reinventing the « shop round the corner ». Terroirs des gourmets is a grocery for the ones who want to find quality and rediscover the traditions of French gastronomy. Their wine cellar and their tasting sessions will make you come back!

10 Boulevard de la Chapelle

foodies trip cafe marlette²

Le Café Marlette

Since our first delivery we’re in love with Marlette. Organic, high-end, yummy. The little brand is growing up and opens now its first flagship. Ideal for breakfast, afternoon tea and most of all for an epic brunch! The CaféMarlette is a must-stop on any Parisian day, especially after climbing Montmartre!

51 rue des martyrs – Metro: Pigalle / St Georges

Where to eat and drink

foodies trip demory²

Bar Demory

The brasseries (ie the breweries) were the must-be social places of the bohemian lifestyle, gathering artists, thinkers and socialites to share the homemade brew. Among the famous names of the times, the Demory beer, created in 1827. Recently opened, the Demory bar retrieves the same atmosphere. Meet us there during the football games.

62 rue Quincampoix

What to eat

foodies trip jambon de paris²

Le Jambon de Paris

The ultimate parisian lunch is a sandwich « ham & butter ». With Parisian ham only! The last ham to deserve this name is the “Prince of Paris” made by Monsieur Leguel. Hand made, without additives, made out of the best selection of Brittany porc, you will recognize it thanks to the Eiffel tower label on it.

Find it in: La Ferme des arènes, 60 rue Monge / Botzaris Gourmets, 6 rue Botzaris / Terroirs d’avenir, 6-8 rue du Nil


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