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Comme en France

841269_224721964364378_1190790143_oBonjour French Food lovers!

Let us introduce to you one of our favorite young French brands: Comme en France.

Comme en France, as in France, is the creation of three friends: Eva, Albin and Matthieu. Their endeavour was meant to be shared here on our blog since building something with your friends is an experience we live by at Bonjour French Food.

All three of them come from the South West of France, and lived as expatriates and experienced themselves the difficulties of finding proper French food when you are abroad.

Knowing that nothing can be compared to the pleasure of enjoying a traditional French meal wherever you could be in the world, they sought to create a brand that could represent both the quality and accessibility of French food.

The principles that guided them were to have products that were made in France, that were icons of French terroirs, and that incarnated the conviviality of French food.

In one word, they wanted French abroad to be proud of their food when shared with friends. Proud to make them discover the typical recipes from home. They chose for motto « Fier comme un coq » which translates as proud as a rooster, and it fitted so perfectly the spirit of their endeavor that these friends chose the rooster as their emblem. How French of them! 😉

This pride stems from knowing that only the best products make the best food. We all know the satisfaction that comes from preparing a great meal, and it’s this feeling Comme en France was made to celebrate. With their certified South West products, their dedication to quality, and the enthusiasm of friendship, we can only see a bright future for Comme en France, and cannot wait to share more of their products with you Bonjour French Food lovers!


But for now, let’s discover some of their products, which you will be able to order directly on their website :


575361_224199707749937_992587137_nPoulet basquaise 

One of the classics of the Basque country. You will experience all the flavors and colors of the region with this delicious traditional recipe involving the famous Basque piperade (a combination of peppers, tomatoes and onions) and chicken. It’s a must-taste!




1393638_224199551083286_1675954691_nCassoulet with duck confit


The spectacular dish that featured in our April’s box. An institution in the South West. It’s impossible to mention South West food without talking about cassoulet. This ancestral dish is here prepared in a very gourmet fashion with its duck confit. When traditions mean delicacies 🙂







1459789_224194604417114_1581678253_nPaniers Gourmands

There are two sizes of paniers gourmands, which can be translated in gourmet baskets, but could be also translated as extra yummy! With these offers you will be sure to really enjoy and discover all that Comme en France has to offer. Surely the best way to please those around you, and yourself 😉




Be sure to check their site at for all the other wonderful recipes, and products they have available. You can also follow them on Facebook:


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