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Espelette Pepper Recipes by Christophe Grosjean

01-inona-poudre-de-pimentBonjour French Food Lovers!

After introducing Christophe Grosjean, the Michelin-starred chef who worked with us at the conception of our April box, it is time we share with you two other recipes he conceived around the Espelette pepper of Maison Ino’na. Last time, we had the pleasure to reveal his Black Chocolate Espuma with Espelette pepper from Maison Ino’na recipe, and still inspired by the products of Maison Ino’na here are two of his creations:

Chutney with Espelette Pepper from Maison Ino’na


5 green apples

3 g of Espelette pepper

1l of cider

50 g of honey


Peel the apples and empty them

Cut them in dice of 5mm

Make the honey boil, add the apples’ remains, skin and core.

Cook for 5 minutes, then add the cider.

Cook till 50% of evaporation.

Cook the rest of the stock with the apple dice, it must be quivering and without stirring, till almost total evaporation

Save in the cold for one night minimum

This chutney can accompany cold meats, foie gras, cheese…


Spaghetti with Espelette pepper from Maison Ino’na


5 eggs

4g of Espelette pepper

1kg of flour

10g of olive oil

10g of salt

3 chipirons (name of calamari in the South West of France)

Dry sheep’s milk cheese


Mix the eggs with Espellete pepper, Olive oil, then the flour and the salt.

Let it rest for an hour in a plastic film.

Roll the dough with the mill set on 1mm.

Make the strips dry for a few minutes then make them go through the spaghetti cut.

Cut the chipirons, clean them in thin strips, like a spaghetti

Cook the spaghetti in salted water, for 4 minutes.

Cook the strips of calamari very rapidly in a fuming pan of olive oil

Mix everything, grate the sheep’s cheese, and boil no more!

To be served IMMEDIATLY!

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2 réflexions sur “Espelette Pepper Recipes by Christophe Grosjean

  1. j’aime bien ce poste et ton blog entier… ceci recette est génial. miam miam…. maintenant comment cuisiner quelque chose comme ça en colocation dans un petit cuisine parisien ?

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