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Déjeuner sur l’herbe

Slide-site-Avril-2Bonjour French Food lovers!

Can’t you feel a little bit the warmth coming? Can’t you feel the grass getting greener and more welcoming each day? It’s time for pique-nique!

That is why we decided to make our theme for this month: déjeuner sur l’herbe or an outdoor lunch in English.

It has always been our goal to find for you products that embody the French spirit of joie de vivre and conviviality. And is there a more perfect setting than a table cloth thrown upon the grass, with friends and loved ones around, to celebrate the best of French food?

We are excited to share with you, Bonjour French food friends, our next May box, and hope you will be to share that with those around you!

Furthermore, Bonjour French Food is evolving and we will be able to deliver EVERYWHERE, so you can send or receive everywhere in the world a little delicious piece of France. Just write us an email, and we will explain you all the details.


Édouard_Manet_-_Le_Déjeuner_sur_l'herbeWith that in mind let us share with you our best tips and best spots for a proper French Parisian pique-nique, and don’t worry it doesn’t require nudity as in Edouard Manet’s masterpiece!

Of course the art of the déjeuner sur l’herbe, is about more than food, but good food is always the best start.

With the selection, dedicated to this type of occasion, we prepared for you in the coming box of May, you will be more than set.

But don’t forget to check our past selections on: and you will find all that you can spread on a delicious French baguette, such as the Lamb pâté from belle-île or a nice Terrine of duck magret with honey, there are many possibilities to find what will suit the atmosphere you have in mind.



•The whistles you hear in the parks late at night are to signal you that the gates will soon be closed.

•It’s perfectly acceptable to borrow a tire-bouchon (corkscrew) from a picnic neighbor if you find yourself in need. You can also ask your wine shopkeeper to open and re-cork your bottle.

•Drinking is fine in public places. Except in certain places, and only after certain hours. But it is mostly widely tolerated.

•Cheap blankets and disposable utensils can be found at any grocery store. Plastic cups (aka gobelets) can also be bought by the sleeve or individual piece at most bodegas.



It’s quite a daunting task to select the best places to picnic in Paris. As The city reveals itself to those who look for their very own Paris. But we can give you little directions that will guide you to your own discoveries…

Many places in Paris can be suitable for an impromptu picnic, and eating sur le pouce (on the thumb literally) can be a thrill in the marvelous and busy places Paris has to offer.

May it be along the Seine, passing by the Pont Alexandre III or the Pont des Arts (the lovers’ bridge) or an public bench, on Place Dauphine in the heart of l’île de la Cité, you will always find a spot along your path, and do not hesitate to make it your own!

If you are walking rive gauche, you will find the old arenae from Roman time in between rue Monge and rue des arènes, in the 5th arrondissement. Quite the historical setting for a picnic. 😉

Still rive gauche on the avenue de Breteuil you will be able to lay down in the grass and marvel at the Invalides in sight, while avoiding the usually crowded Champ de Mars.

P1010851_Paris_XX_Parc_de_Belleville_reductwkTo have Paris at your feet, you can always go to the Parc de Belleville in the 20th arrondissement, which is by station Couronnes. You will be able to relax in the grass, while enjoying one of the great views of Paris.

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