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Christophe Grosjean’s Recipe

Bonjour French Food lovers!

We are honored to present you Christophe Grosjean. A Michelin-starred Chef who has helped us with our last April box and gave us a recipe to make with the Espelette pepper from Maison Ino’na. Without further ado here is a presentation of him!

christophe grosjeanChristophe Grosjean received his first star from the prestigious Michelin guide for his work at the Brindos Castle. The clients of the place, locals or tourists, praise him unanimously.

Native of Franche-Comté, he already has an exceptional path behind him. Here are some names that will mean something to the gastronomy enthusiasts: Le Chabichou in Courchevel, Le Jardin des Sens in Montpellier, then an expatriation in California, where he shone at l’Auberge Carmel, where he stayed for ten years.

Now back in France, he appreciates the Basque Country for the quality of the available ingredients, whether they come from land or sea. Therefore, you can feel in his cuisine, precise and different, an unmistakable local anchorage. Without doubt, visiting local markets daily does bring creativity.


He accepted the challenge of our partner, la Maison Ino’na, to create, in exclusivity for this Bonjour French Food box, three recipes celebrating the Espelette pepper. The range is immense, savoury and sweet.

We are revealing today a sophisticated dessert, which is nevertheless done quickly.


RECIPE morceau_chocolat_noirBlack Chocolate Espuma with Espelette Pepper from Maison In’ona

By Christophe Grosjean




100g of cream

100g of black chocolate

100g of egg whites

2g of Espelette pepper

500g of strawberries

A few crunchy biscuits




Make the cream boil with the pepper then and add the chocolate

Cool the preparation while whipping it with energy, add the egg whites.

Fill up the siphon and add the gas of one cartridge.

Hold it in a water bath, but don’t let it go over 60°C.


Wash the strawberries, cut them in half. Add a little bit of sugar if needed.


Place the strawberries in a martini glass, with some biscuits.

Add the chocolate mousse at the last moment.



We would like to thank both Christophe Grosjean and Maison Ino’na for this recipe made possible by the meeting of great products and great inspiration.

You will be able to find Christophe Grosjean here:


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