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Dining in London

Bonjour French Food Lovers!

We know you can’t live only on our hampers and since you are people of taste, you need to go out and feel the fancy life of the city. That is why we thought about you, and decided to make you a little guide of restaurants in London. You will be sure of spending your time and money with taste with our selection. Let’s roam the streets of London!


NEWS chez elles bistroquet


Chez Elles

Looking for a genuine French address in London ?
Try the warm atmosphere of Chez Elles Bistroquet. Traditional and authentic cuisine.

45 Brick Lane, London E6PU





la_fromagerieLa Fromagerie

La Fromagerie is a nice grocery store, with a wide selection of French cheeses but our attention was particularly raised by the Friday and Monday evenings events they organise called N°6, where you can taste delicious cheese and wine pairings in a cosy candlelit atmosphere. Caution, you should use the small door on the left as the shop is closed during the events.

Twitter: @NoSix_at_LaFro &

2-6 Moxon Street, Marylebone, London W1U 4EW


entrepot 3L’Entrepôt

Perfect to enjoy cheese or a charcuterie board with a glass of wine. European cuisine.

230 Dalston Lane, Hackney Downs, London, E8 1LA 




Crossed News - La TrompetteLa Trompette

With one of the best wines list in all of London, you can expect only the best from La Trompette. Under the helm of Chef Rob Weston, La Trompette aims for the the refinement of haute cuisine without the overworked decorum that usually encumbers it.

La Trompette, 3-7 Devonshire Rd, London, W4 2EU




Crossed News - Terroirs Wine Bar & Restaurant in LondonTerroirs

As indicated by its name, Terroirs brings the spirit of craftsmanship to its tables. From a personal relationship with their suppliers they can propose authentic dishes married to an impressive set of wines. Inspired by Parisian wine bars, the different atmospheres of both floors will correspond to every evening.

5 William IV Street, London, WC2N 4DW



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