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Travelling to the South West

box avrilBonjour French Food lovers! We write you today to reveal what we have been working for. And it is a bit special for us, because two of us here (Véronique & Pierre… Bonjour!) have a special connection with it. We are talking about the theme for the new month!

And it’s the South West! Le Sud Ouest in French. More than just two directions, it is for us one thing above all: home. It is the place where we have grown up, the place of our families and friends, where we come from and where we return.

We wanted to share with you what signifies it the best. And it is food. Food that reminds us of our grandmothers cooking at home, with the family around. Food for the great moments of our lives. We modestly tried to bring a taste of that, and we are sure that what we have gathered for you, with the richness of its flavors, will bring it to life.

So welcome home Bonjour French Food Lovers! It’s good to have you here.

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