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Caramel Recipe

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We, at Bonjour French Food, know you are just like us. There is simply nothing that beats caramel. Whether you enjoy it spread on a loaf of bread, on a crêpe, in a cake, or even straight from a spoon, salted butter caramel is an inextinguishable source of creativity and pleasure. That’s why we decided to give you, in the last issue of our magazine, a recipe to make your own. We’re just like that 😉
We have discovered a very nice recipe on a French blog that is filled with recipes to be made with salted butter caramel We recommend you to visit it. It is a true goldmine.
With this recipe you will be able to make your own salted butter caramel, but also how to make Breton « palets » that will be the perfect combination for the caramel. Without further ado here is the recipe!

Caramel with Breton Palets Recipe

¥ 120g of wheat
¥ 90g of butter
¥ 2 egg yolks
¥ 5g of yeast
¥ one pinch of salt flakes
¥ 1/4 of a spoonful of vanilla flavour
¥ one pot of caramel made with Guerande’s salt from Le Comptoir de Mathilde

1. Make the butter melt
2. Mix the melted butter, the sugar, then add the yolks and a little bit fo vanilla flavor
3. Once the mix is really homogeneous, add the wheat, the yeast, and a pinch of salt flakes and mix again till you have a thin paste.
4. Make a ball with the paste that you will envelop of cling film.
5. Keep it in the fridge for two hours
6. Preheat your oven at 175°C (thermostat 5)
7. Then, shape little balls of paste (around 10) and place in little molds made for individual muffins.
8. Cook these « palets bretons » for 10 minutes.
9. Once the palets taken out of the oven, create a « well » in the center of each biscuit and on half of the thickness of the biscuit. Beware not to pierce the biscuit though!
10. Cook the biscuits in the oven for another 10 minutes.
11. When the cooking is done, leave to cool.
12. Pour the caramel in the hole of each palet

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