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Foodies Trip in « Bretagne »

Bonjour French Food Lovers! We are today guiding you to our very own French Brittany: Bretagne. As you now know, Brittany was the theme of our box for the month of March. If you are curious to know what was inside, search no further: Bonjour French Food. You can subscribe there for our next surprises.

Follow us now in Brittany and you will know what to do, where to eat and all the infos for a great discovery of this special region.

Beware of preconceived ideas on Brittany. The climate is far more gentle than forked tongues let believe. What is true is that you will live 4 seasons in one day. On the programme: swimsuits and windbreakers… but mostly gourmet addresses and a lot of pleasure!

We would like to thank CRT Bretagne for enabling us to use their pictures, taken by Emmanuel Berthier and Jean-Patrick Gratien.



foodies trip cours BeauvaisCours de cuisine

Learn how to cook like a true Breton with Nathalie Beauvais. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, she will share with you all her secrets, tips and will make you discover her favorite local ingredients.

Addresses and calendar on:


foodies trip vieilles chrrues 2

Festival: Les Vieilles Charrues

This festival brings together the best of French and international pop-rock acts, with some hip hop and electro guests. Also an opportunity to discover the new Breton scene. On the gourmet side, this will be the occasion to devour a galette in the open.

foodies  trip peche guilvinecFishing on the coast

Live a unique human experience: go aboard a fishing boat. A trawler to be precise. Beware for it is without artifices , it starts at 4.30 AM, and comfort is out of the question. But after that you will never eat a fish the same way.

Rendez-vous on the port of Guilvinec




foodies trip huitres-cancaleOysters in Cancale

Cancale is a very picturesque port. It is already an excellent reason to visit the town. Add to this the solid reputation of its oysters and shellfish, and you don’t have the choice anymore, you must go. Buy your oysters directly on the port, from the producers and eat them just like that while enjoying the scenery.



Base logo Restaurant du TerroirLook for the label!

In order to develop an economy of proximity, and preserve the authenticity of their cuisine, the « Restaurants du Terroir » have united around this label guaranteeing a local origin of the products. Freshness and genuineness are the words.


foodies trip ar men duAr Men Du 
47 rue des Iles
29920 Nevez

Why not offering yourself the ultimate luxury of a great gourmet table? The establishment of Patrick Le Guen is located on the wild cost, where the environment is splendid. The menu is an union of land and sea, always with delicacy.



Part de patisserie traditionnelle bretonneKouign-amann

In Breton, kouign amann, simply means butter cake. Which has the merit to be direct. It’s a melting and comforting delicacy. This traditional cake is particularly well made in the towns of Douarnenez or Locronan. Something to bring back home absolutely.




foodies trip le-phare-de-kerbel-1Kerbel’s Lighthouse
71 route de Port Louis
56670 Riantec

It’s like a dream. Isn’t absolute luxury to live something exceptional? Spend a night in a lighthouse on the cost. You read it well. A lighthouse. At 25 m high, the sight is breathtaking on the cost of Groix, Lorient, and on the bay of Quiberon.


foodies trip ferme la cavalerieLa Ferme de la Cavalerie
Fabienne et Rémy Gicquel
56920 St Gonnery

Between Pontivy and Loudeac, Fabienne and Henry welcome you in their farm and share their everyday life with their animals. At breakfast, be ready for a feast of homemade products, rhubarb jam and blackberries from the garden.



Logo BRETAGNE bloc noirYou want to prepare your trip? Check the site, it’s full of ideas. Good addresses, cycling paths, hiking trails, thalassotherapy, there is something for everyone!

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