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Shopping List: Le Comptoir de Mathilde

Bonjour French Food Lovers!!

pâte-à-tartiner-lait-feuilletine-as you may know, especially the lucky ones who had it delivered at their door, we had in last month’s box, a delicious Milk chocolate & Hazelnut spread with Wafer made by Le Comptoir de Mathilde.

This company based in the South of France produces refined and original products that we wanted you to discover.  We can’t put all of them in our boxes ;).



So let us introduce 3 products that we are sure you will enjoy:


chocolat-à-casserLe chocolat à casser

Le comptoir de Mathilde is known for sugary treats and in particular for its chocolate. That is why you must try le chocolat à casser or « chocolate to break » in English if you prefer.

Yes your read it right. This chocolate, coming in so many flavors, from cranberries to Smarties, is made to be broken. And it’s up to you, your family or your friends to break it thanks to the hammer it is coming with. We are not to be held responsible for the fun that can ensue!


baba-au-rhum-1450mlLe Baba au Rhum

Another specialty of their catalogue is their famous « Baba au Rhum », the traditional cake who originated from the desire of Poland’s King to have his kouglof soaked. Through the tribulations of History, the cake was refined with Savarin cake and soaked in Rum, but the spirit of enchantment has been perpetuated from his famous beginnings until now. And you can now find it delicately prepared in a jar waiting to be savoured. The small savarins have the shape of a cork and are perfect to be enjoyed with ice cream or custard. Who wants a side of history with his succulent dessert? 😉


moutarde-à-l-ancienne-piment-d-espeletteMustard with aoc Espelette pepper

Even though Le Comptoir de Mathilde is mostly recognized for its sweets, they bring to their salty products the same invention and care. Their range of mustards begs you to start cooking right away. Will you be able to resist their Mustard with aoc Espelette pepper? A delicate and strong mustard that will bring personality and taste to your dishes, made with « appellation contrôlée » peppers from Espelette. These peppers are one of the most essential ingredients of southern French cuisine, and it’s not us (who are from the region) at Bonjour French Food who will tell you the contrary!

You understand that we could be going on for ages, but maybe the best is to discover for yourself the pleasures and savours in store for you at or at Bien Manger. What you can be sure of is that you will find products that won’t cease to surprise and amaze you.

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Have a tasty discovery!!


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