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Foodies Trip in Vaucluse


Bonjour French Food Lovers!! We are guiding you through our new Foodies Trip. We invite you to discover the region of our partner: Le Comptoir de Mathilde. The Vaucluse, located at the birth of Mont Ventoux, between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, offers to its visitors the gentleness of a lush greenery, the charm of old stones and of the garrigue (typical vegetation of the south of France).


FOODIES TRIP le bateleurLe Bateleur

When you’ll visit the charming streets of Vaison La Romaine, take a seat at this mediterranean restaurant, located near the roman bridge. Precious detail: a delicious homemade bread goes along a fresh cuisine straight from the market.

Place Théodore Aubanel 84110 Vaison-La-Romaine




FOODIES TRIP Theatre-Antique-dOrange-bigOrange’s Roman Theater

Many roman ruins are to be seen in the region. The theatre, know has being the best preserved in Europe, is on the Word Heritage list of UNESCO.  Check the program because attending to a concert in this magical place is an unforgettable memory.


FOODIES TRIP Bastide la combeBastide La Combe

The particularity of the guest house, besides its comfort and spectacular views of the Mont Ventoux I mean, is its cuisine. The right place to fully enjoy the flavors of the surrounding markets with zucchini flowers during summer or truffle during winter.

Chemin de Sainte Croix
84110 Vaison la Romaine
Tél : +33 (0)4 90 28 76 33


If you’re travelling with children, spoil them with a really special moment with a visit to the Comptoir de Mathilde chocolate factory. Their yummy recipes are available there at really friendly prices.

Le Comptoir de Mathilde

Zone artisanale Grand Deves



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