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Spoiler Alert!!! Next Month Theme

Slide-site-MarsGBDear French Food Lovers,

here comes that moment, when we can’t wait to share with you a little something. We have been working on the new edition of our box, and even though the surprise must be preserved, we can’t help but wanting to let you guys in on our little secret.

We wanted to bring you something special this month, and that is why we focused on a region in France known for its peculiar history and culture, but also of course for its gastronomy.

If we tell you that this place is only a channel away and that it is our very own French Britain…

We are talking about Bretagne of course! (or Brittany in English)

Bretagne is rich of many culinary traditions coming from a very diverse set of geographical, and climatic conditions. Land of wind by excellence, Brittany is the place of 4 seasons in a day.

So many images and sensations come to us, when we speak about it. It’s the wind in the sails, the salty or sugary crêpes, the cider, the sound of the bagad, the thunder of Brest  the faithful Haddock, friend of Tintin, the special light of the ocean sky, the caramel made with salty butter and so many other things…

That is a little bit for all that, that we wanted you to have a little bit of Bretagne in your Great Britain!

We can’t wait for you to receive our surprise, and kenavo!!

For more surprises each month check our website The French subscription box – Bonjour French Food

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