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A brand we love: Eloïde

Dear French food lovers,

You all know how madly in love we are with French brands. What we particularly appreciate, is when you can feel there is a soul behind the products, when there is a history to tell. After having worked now a few months on the project, we realised that most of the time, it’s a family story that builds beautiful brands.

When we worked with Maison Argaud, the story started with 2 brothers who wanted to start a new life, in South West of France, working in a farm, close to nature and animals, and it ended up now in a fantastic and exclusive house, keeping their initial values.

When we worked with Marc Peyrey, we met a lovely couple who wanted to do together what they liked, committing themselves in their professional project.

When we worked with Marlette, we discovered the story of two sisters, wishing to valorise the incredible variety of cereals from their region of origin.

The story of Eloïde, a young brand created only one year ago, is the one of the founder’s grandmother. The brand is about his childhood, about his emotional memories. It’s a really personal project and this is what brings value and authenticity to its products. Yes, it’s sincere.

estragon1Let me quote their website here  I love what is said and I wouldn’t be able to speak about this feeling myself):

« Every summer, the Provence countryside of my grandmother would flourish in the most marvellous ways, amongst them with the aromatic plants.
The plants were capable of awakening all our senses: the fresh mint hiding the ladybirds under its leaves, the basil which we would pick at the bottom of the kitchen garden and the tarragon which duelled with mélisse to have the nicest place under the sun. The sage as for her, with its «elephant skin» leaves, remained irremovable above its wall of dry stones to who its roots found a little bit of freshness during the hot season. I wanted to share all the perfumes – and associated memories – with you. It is through these syrups, accomplished according to the recipes of my grandmother, that you will find the scents of sunny Provence, which fill our senses when we walk across the fields of garrigue during the summer months. These plants are the fruit of a strict selection allowing the quality of the syrups to fully represent the scent and taste that I recognize from my childhood, when I could enjoy a refreshing drink on the terrace of the countryside, in the shade of the hundred-year-old plane trees.« 148315_335554696557098_59764017_n

You can really feel what it is all about. But you may wonder now what their products are? Eloïde does syrups. In the UK, it’s not a common product but in France syrups are quite popular. People drink then diluted with fresh water. Or hot water. According to the season. Eloïde syrups have the particularity of being really true to the original flavour of the plant used. They range fresh mint, rosemary, basil, tarragon…

produits3The syrups can also be used in cocktails, to give them a unique taste. Try the following mixes (1 volume of syrup diluted in 10 volumes of wine): Pinot Blanc with Tarragon, Bandol rosé with Basil or Crémant d’Alsace with Fresh mint.

You will definetly surprise your friends with this! In a good way I mean. In France the Brand is making a real buzz among mixologists.

Last but not least, syrup is a fantastic cooking tool.In the brand’s website, you will find many recipes designed by renowned chefs. For example the Thyme Lemon Tiramisu. I would be curious to have your feedback on this one! This could become your new cooking secret! To buy the products in the UK, here is the place to go: Epicuriens de France.

Thinking of this, 1024px-Calanque_d'En-Vau_2006-07-03I imagine myself drinking a fresh mint syrup on Marseille’s vieux port, or sun bathing in a calanque...I love Marseille. Maybe this is why I love Eloïde too. If you liked this article and want to discover every month new French brands, don’t forget to subscribe on Bonjour French Food


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