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Arrival at Gare du Nord

Here you are… in Paris! Your foot stepped out of the Eurostar… and you are already looking forward to enjoying some typical French cuisine!

Every month in our magazine (delivered with your Bonjour French Food subscription) the addresses you need to know as soon as you arrive, so no time is lost on anything else than living in the moment in Paris. Gare du Nord’s neighbourhood can be a little overwhelming and daunting to the newcomer. Not one of the most iconic environments in Paris, you may find nevertheless places with charm, and of course great food! Here are a few that we recommend:

CROSSED NEWS philou menu and wine list


A friendly bistro, with a large heated terrace, and excellent French cuisine. Somebody said “frog legs”?

12, Avenue Richerand 75010 Paris

Métro : Jacques Bonsergent, Belleville, Goncourt


Chez Casimir

Not the typical bistro.
French cuisine, perfectly executed. Fresh ingredients and high- end quality at a reasonable price.

6, rue de Belzunce Paris 75010

NEWS la pointe du groin

Restaurant La Pointe du Grouin

Bistro & sandwiches.
Good and Cheap. The place to enjoy simple french products in a friendly atmosphere.

8, rue de Belzunce Paris 75010

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