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Foodies trip in Savoie

Saucisson herbes tasThe dried sausage coated with herbs you received in your parcel was crafted in
Savoie. For our French subscribers, « saucisson » is a must. It the product from France they miss. But some of our British subscribers were rather surprised and we’ve been asked how they should eat it. It’s easy, just cut a few slices and…enjoy them. You don’t need to cook the product.

It can also be eaten in a baguette bread sandwich, with butter. Be carful, because it can soon become addictive, and then you will have to order more from our partner Tonton La Rondelle.

Because Savoie is a place where some really popular products come from, we decided to share with you a few addresses from the mountainous region, famous for its warm atmosphere, and lovely to visit in any season.

What to do?
SAVOIE ferme de valnoix– Ferme des Valnoix –
If you’re heading to Savoie, you must drop by Louise and Patrick Deufils. Two passionate farmers that will make you discover their cattle farm and its unique location under walnut trees. Actually, they also take advantage of their trees to prepare delicious sweet walnut recipes.

Coming from  Montélian go to Lauchaud
73110 La Chapelle Blanche

Where to eat?

SAVOIE Panoramic– Panoramic-

The name could mislead you and let you think teh restaurant is only worth its amazing view. No. Delphine and Siôn EVANS cook a contemporary cuisine, always made out of fresh products. The woody decoration is rustic, typical from the region. It’s a must for the locals, during the summer as well as during the summer season.

260 chemin des vignes
73230 Saint-Alban-Leysse

Something to bring back home?

SAVOIE abondance– L’Abondance-

It owes its name from the Abondance valley where it comes from. The very same valley where the cows giving their milk to this cheese come
from. Its taste is generous, you can taste a hint of walnut.
It can be eaten raw or melted.

Of course, there is so much more to do there. There is something for every one, whether you like sports or just enjoy chilling an discovering little villages, you will love Savoie. And you will remeber its food forever!

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