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Fresh Mint Meringue

produits43-183833_960x360This month in our magazine, we introduced you to our new favourite brand Eloïde. Following traditional recipes inherited by the founder’s grandmother, the brand features a range of aromatic syrups made out of fresh herbs. You can find Thyme, Rosemary, Wild Basil, Fresh Mint, concentrated in glass bottles. Ideal to create fancy cocktails or for creative cooking. It’s a new tool you must try in your French cuisine experiments!

What makes Eloïde different, is the authencity of the flavour, no additives spoil the genuine freshness of the herbs. They are real experts.

eloide alignesOn Eloïde website, you will find lots and lots of recipes to start using the syrups. We selected below the Fresh Mint Meringue:


3 egg-whites
180g of sugar (0.4 lb)
6cl of Mint Syrup ( 6 table spoons)


HOW TO?Fresh Mint Meringue

1. Mix the egg-whites and the sugar.
2. Whip up the egg-whites until they get firm.
3. In a sauce pan, heat the syrup and take it out right before it boils.
4. Pour slowly the hot syrup in the whipped egg-whites, keep whipping them up while
you pour.
5. Stop once all the syrup is incorporated.
6. Put little drops of meringue on a silicon mold, it will be easier to remove once it’s cooked.
7. Leave one hour in the oven, at 90°C.
The longer you keep it in the oven, the crispier it gets.

Bon appetit of course! Send us your pictures once you tried it! If you wish to order more syrup or different flavours, you can order them online.

And to discover more French products every month, of course, there is


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