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Aromatic journey!

Slide-site-Janvier-GBDear French Food lovers, it’s time for us to wish you a fantastic year 2014. We hope it will be a year full of surprises and gourmet discoveries! Maybe you will start French lessons or plan a foodies trip somewhere in France?

We are starting our monthly rendez-vous in 2014 with a new thematic box: Grandma’s Garden, an aromatic journey among fresh thyme, rosemary, mint… Indeed, after the end of the year celebrations, we thought you may appreciated simpler treats. So our selection is composed of products prepared with aromatic plants, all known for their benefits on our organism.

Herbs are very popular in French cuisine, you can find them in the most traditional dishes as well as in the experiments of greatest chefs. They can now be found in pastries or chocolates!

Unlike spices, herbs acclimated well in our latitudes, this is why they’ve been historically used. In 802, Charlemagne decided that all French monasteries should grow herbs! Herbs can be found in au coeur du jardin..the street markets but also in supermarkets, but many people in France grow them in their garden or indoor, in jars. They are 100% part of the French cooking habits. Fresh or dried. The majority of plants are best eaten fresh, but for year round use, they can be dried. Dried herbs have a stronger flavor and should be used sparingly.

So if January is for you the synonym of detox, you may want to try use some aromatic plants in your daily cooking routine!
And for gourmet discoveries around aromatic herbs, you can subscribe before January 10th to receive our January selection on





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