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Foodies trip in Béarn

Bearn-Pirineos_Atlánticos.svgThis month we are travelling to a region called Béarn, in South West of France. More precisely, we are going to Puyoô, a village of 1200 unhabitants where Maison Argaud was founded in 1982 by two brothers.

It is one of the oldest areas of traditional farming for corn-fed duck and goose. A place for rustic surprises.

WHAT TO DO800px-Gave_de_Pau?

Of course, you can go for a long walk along the river Gave de Pau and enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the region. You’re keen on genuine experiences ? Why don’t you try life in a farm ? The website gives you   access to all French farms opened to public for a stay, a meal, a visit or a class. Build your made-to-measure trip! Why don’t you try a foie gras cooking class?

au restau les voisinsWHERE TO EAT?

We recommend LES VOISINS. The regional products used all come from the local shops and
producers. The presentation, even if you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, is always irreproachable. You’ll enjoy the warm decoration, with fancy details.
Rue des Voisins
64270 Salies-de-Béarn


No doubt, we do recommend Maison Argaud, at the entrance of Puyoô. Ask for their elegant hamper and compose it with Rillettes, a Bask Terrine or Preserved Duck

And of course, the most typical product to bring back is foie gras. Check our previous article to know everything on how to choose your foie gras.

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