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Choose your foie gras

Toasts de foie grasFoie gras is a French oddity. Nearly impossible to find in the UK. But it’s a must on all French festive meals. If you’re eager to discover it, here is a little guide to help you chose among the offered products.

We did not all have the chance to grow in South West of France and to be raised in the foie gras culture 😉

Well I did.

Goose or duck? Both have their fans. The duck’s flavor is strong, unmistakable.Goose is more discreet, and some would argue it is more refined.
For your first try, duck is a good option.

You’ll have to navigate between the strictly controlled appellations. To oversimplify, I may say each product is named according to the “integrity” of the original liver.

  • Whole foie gras:

This product is at its best. It is made only of whole liver lobes and seasoning, spices or alcohol. Enjoy it alone, on a warm toast.

  • Foie gras:

It combines of agglomerated lobes , therefore it may come from several different animals . Its marbled texture looks great on any fancy plate.

  • Foie gras block:

Thanks to a method historically invented by Comtesse du Barry, this is a widely spread and popular treat. It is a preparation of reconstituted
livers. This is a more affordable, therefore allowing more fantasy in its presentation, you can have it in a typical South West salad for example.

  • Pâté / purée / mousse:

These are tasty preparations, ideal as appetizers, they consist of at least 50% foie gras, associated with other types of meat in creamy and soft recipes. These products may be interesting to combine when you cook.terrine de foie gras

Last difference will lay on the way they’ve been cooked. It will determine both their texture and their preservation. The half – cooked : preserves
a genuine taste. It is firm but smooth. This is our recommandation, to be stored in your fridge.

The canned foie gras is cooked at elevated temperature for a longer period of preservation . If you’ll have to trave with your foie gras, you should choose this one. Actually, this is what we chose for your December parcel. Store it in a cupboard and put it in the fridge the night before you eat it.
Now you know it all.
Portions should be approximately
50g per person. Bon appétit.

To buy foie gras online, here is our providers selection:

Maison Argaud: traditional farmhouse foie fras:

Comtesse du Barry: the French gastronomy embassador

And for monthly discoveries


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