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WP_20131106_013[1]Since we launched Bonjour French Food, we’ve prepared 3 different parcels (be patient, December parcel is on its way!), and as a result, we edited 3 magazines, delivered to our subscribers. Because Bonjour French Food is not only about delivering food. We’re not an online supermarket. It’s about sharing our love of French Food, it’s about taking the time, for a gourmet rendez-vous with France.

In the magazine, you’ll get a lot of background information about the brands, products and producers included in the monthly selection, but not only.

Here is the best of the addresses we shared with you in 2 months. Places to find the best French food in London. Actually, we will try in the upcoming months to open to a wider geographic zone and also give you tips about Online websites about French food and more places, all over the UK.NEWS chez elles bistroquet


Looking for a genuine French address in London ? It may sound weird, but you’ll find it on Brick Lane.

Try the warm atmosphere of Chez Elles Bistroquet. Traditional and authentic cuisine. Recommended by French people in London!
45 Brick Lane, London E6PU

creme-brulee-brasserie-zedel-we-love-food-its-all-we-eatBRASSERIE ZEDEL

– An address given by Fabienne Henry from the blog

She says: « Just a few steps away from the Piccadilly tube station, it’s my favourite place to meet with friends for a lunch or a brunch. » A real Brasserie, like in Paris. Except it’s better than most Brasseries in Paris.

20 Sherwood St, London W1F 7ED


Some families pass down their love for craftsmanship from generation to generation. That’s what happened to Fabien & Florent. They’ll share with you their passion for Comté, Mont-D’Or or Cancaillote, a creamy cheese nearly impossible to find in London.
Meet them at the Borough market. You can even have your Bonjour French Food parcel delivered there.

Lentrepot 3‘ENTREPOT

Perfect to enjoy a cheese or charcuterie board with a glass of wine. European cuisine.
230 Dalston Lane, Hackney Downs E8 1LA Londres

NEWS le petit paris


It’s a bit difficult to speak about this address as…they have no address. It’s a street food concept, defined as French finger food.

Search for Le Petit Paris in londoner’s markets to taste French « apéro » classics. Saucisson, pâté, terrine, tartines
& croques. And if you don’t want to search, well check on their Facebook page where they will be next.

If you want to discover more about French food every month, subscribe now on


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