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My Comtesse du Barry wishlist

This month, we partnered with Comtesse du Barry to deliver you a delicious Quail terrine with cep mushrooms and parsley. Comtesse du barry terrine de cailleBut I must admit choosing among the wide range offered by the brand was a tricky issue. Believe me, our job at Bonjour French Food is not easy every day, and when it comes to product selection, we do our best to offer you the products that really embody French gastronomy. We chose Quail and Cep mushroom because it’s a typical autumn recipe, ideal with a farmhouse bread.

But it’s too frustrating to choose only one, this is why we are sharing with you today our Comtesse du Barry wishlist.


There is no Christmas Eve in France without foie-gras. Nearly impossible to find in London, where as in France, it’s considered as unavoidable for a festive meal. And Comtesse du Barry is historically the specialist in that realm.  They follow their original production process, selecting farm raised goose or ducks from South West France, but they give it a modern twist with bold taste associations.  Try for example the Foie Gras Secret n°05: Semi cooked duck foie gras from South-West with rosé bubbles and black truffles. This is what I call creativity. And taste! It’s a really sensorial recipe that marries tradition and fun.



cag37_1_1_1I know you. Sometimes you go back home and don’t want to cook. You would love too but you’re too tired. This happens, don’t worry, you’re not the only one.  But it’s not because you eat something ready-made that it shouldn’t be good. Comtesse du Barry offers a wide range of ready-made individual courses: all French typical meals can be found, including Cassoulet, Petit sale aux lentilles or even Bask-style chicken. It’s worth having a little stock of these home. Now your lazy evenings will be an opportunity to taste French cuisine.



If you’re sweet-toothed, then, Comtesse du Barry website can become dangerous. There are so many ways to be tempted. But if you decide to only give it up to one sweet product, let Dark Chocolate squared filled with caramel and « fleur de sel » topping orange pieces be the one. It’s simply delicious, and believe me, you’ll find the occasion to eat it. I am usually fond of the association of orange and dark chocolate, but the hint of lightly salted caramel recipe makes it incredibly more interesting to taste.

So you’ve seen my wishlist, tell me yours now!

Check regularly on the website because there are often new products and promotions that may deserve a serious look

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