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Looking for the perfect gift!

It’s that time of the year. You start thinking on how to spoil your family and friends. Why don’t you try an unexpected gift with Bonjour French Food?

We prepared a special deal for those who will buy their Christmas gift early. What is the deal? For any 3 months subscription bought, we give you a month for free. And you can choose where the parcels will be delivered!

Yep, that’s what I call a nice deal.

Slide-Noel-site-GB-okParticularly because you can think of many ways to use that deal. For example:

– You can keep one box for you, and offer the subscription

– You can keep the subscription for you and offer the additional box

– You can give away the 4 months, giving the 1st one at  your X-Mas party and then your friend will receive it the months after…

Whatever you want! You’ll just have to use the code EARLYXMAS when you subscribe!

Our December box should be delivered around December 11th, so you can physically have one as a gift for your Christmas eve, but you can also dowload a gift card from our site. As you wish. Feel free to contact us through the site or for any specific delivery request. We ill be glad to help you get the perfect X-Mas gift!



And by the way, it’s an opportunity to reveal our December box theme. Guess! Yes, you’re right! It’s all about French Christmas treats. The most typical food we have here in France for our Christmas eve: foie gras, chestnuts, chocolate, and more!

Get started now on Bonjour French Food, and don’t forget, we deliver all over the UK!




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