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Notre-maison_03Would you start a company with your husband or wife tomorrow?

Well, a century ago, this is what Joseph and Gabrielle Dubarry did when they founded Comtesse Du Barry. Maybe they will inspire you 🙂

I love discovering the history of French successful brands. I visited the Louis Vuitton family house a few years ago and I was amazed to realise how such a success story starts, with an individual, his family and their creativity.


Well, going back to Joseph and Gabrielle story, they were meant to be. He was a tinsmith, she was a fine butcher, specialised in “charcuterie”. They decided together they will prepare the best foie gras of the entire world. How sweet is that ambition for a gourmet couple? They settled a shop a few years after, the company was born. They chose their name, well because of their family name Dubarry I imagine, but also as an homage to a well-know Louis XV mistress, who was said to be really greedy: the Countess of Barry.

The family business has been growing steadily since its creation, keeping the spirit of the creators alive. But what is most impressive with the company, is that they’ve been reinventing their own model endlessly. For example they are the ones who invented in the foie gras “block” presentation, thanks to an industrial innovation which made foie gras more accessible and affordable to all.

comtesse du barry

Sure it contributed to make foie gras so popular in France nowadays. They also pioneered in distance sales, since the 30s, you could order by mail your foie gras. This had never made in the gourmet industry before. Today, innovation is still at stake and they constantly create new recipes with a bold spirit, marrying flavours together.


Are you curious about Comtesse du Barry maison? Well if you’re on a foodies trip in Gers region, you need to plan a visit to their Gimont cuisine and workshop. They open their doors every Tuesday at 10am. 


During the  visit, you’ll become an expert about foie-gras, discovering the different processes and cooking methods. You’ll be able to experience the weighing of the ingredient or the filling of casseroles. And maybe you’ll have the chance to meet their chef in person, Patrick Vavassori. The ultimate foodie’s experience!

More information and reservation (at least 8 days before your trip) at
Online shopping:

Keep posted about new products and promotion on their facebook page. And to discover French brands every month, Bonjour French Food



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