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Foodies trip in Aveyron

Every month, in our paper magazine delivered with the Bonjour French Food parcel, we dedicate apeyrusse-le-roc-01 page to a French region. In October, we worked with Maison Papillon a brand which history is deeply rooted in Aveyron. So naturally, we decided to talk about the region, because if there is a place in France where gourmets feel like home, it definetly is Aveyron.

Ideally, you should plan a 3 day trip – minimum. You’ll have lovely walks, on calm roads and authentic villages. You’ll take historical paths that will bring you back to medieval ages and amazing sightseeing points such as Peyrusse le Roc. You’ll discover in depth regional gastronomy and taste delicious treats from local producers. Food is really part of the soul of the region and this is why we would like to recommend you a few foodies experiences there.

Blue cheese on wooden backgroundGOURMET EXPERIENCE

Discover the secrets of the famous Roquefort cheese. An authentic encounter with local producers who will share their passion with you. It’s a « behind-the-scene » experience, personalised and really worth the try.
Price & reservation:
Mme Annie BERNAT at Camares
tel 00 33 565 99 51 33
or Mme Martine FABREGUES at St Eulalie de Cernon
Tel :00 33 565 62 76 19

REGIONAL MYTHAligot de l'Aubrac

It’s not a dish, it’as a myth from Aubrac region. Aligot is a mixture of mashed potatoes and fresh Tome cheese, worked and reworked to obtain it’s perfect texture. Please don’t mistake with mashed potatoes, you would make enemies there and this is not what you want for your holiday 😉
A lovely address is Buron de Born because of its location, near Born lake, which is a lovely place to enjoy a nice walk.
Tel: 00 33 466 32 52 20


You may have heard or read about BRAS. First of all because this well-know gastronomical restaurant is located in the most exceptional venue, surrounded by nature. Everywhere you look at, it’s the Aveyron terroir you can feel, its soil, its smell. The cuisine is refined and sober. And the Michel Bras’ team keeps exploring the local tradition, reinventing it every day. As a result, you can feel the harmony between the place and the food. Amazing.
Route de l’Aubrac
12210 laguiole
Tel: 00 33 565 51 18 20


Of course! You don’t need postcards when you have a local terrine to share when you come back. So we recommend 1602-Magret Mielyou the large variety of Maison Papillon products. Since three generations, the Papillon family works with the traditional mincer of master butchers. They work with fine local ingredients and never use additives. A beautiful way to keep the tradition alive. Depending on the season you will go, I would  recommend the Terrine au Roquefort et aux Noix du Périgord or the Terrine de Foie-gras Amandes et Miel. In october, we selected the Terrine de Magret de Canard au Noix et au Miel des Cevennes. A strong recipe, with genuine taste and deep texture.

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Online shopping on Maison Papillon or La Grande Epicerie du Bon Marché


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