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Did you try our October recipe?

Michel & Augustin shared with us a recipe to cook with their delicious shortbreads! Les petits sablés ronds et bons!


For 2 gourmets
4 eggs (2 whole eggs, 2 egg yolks)
7 Oz of sugar
1.8 fl Oz of orange juice
1 orange zest
3.2 Oz of butter
6 Petits Sablés Michel et Augustin (ie 40g)
1.8 fl Oz of liquid cream
And again 0.8 Oz of sugar for the whipped cream

Get it done ! (20 minutes)
Extract orange zest and squeeze juice.
Heat in a saucepan zest and juice until it boils.
In a bowl, mix the butter, 3.5 Oz of sugar,
zest and juice.
In another bowl pour the 2 eggs, the 2 egg
yolks and the rest of te sugar.
Using a whisk, blanch eggs (whisk
vigorously), then pour the filtered juice.
Pour back into the pan and allow to thicken by
boiling 1 minute. Let it cool.
To make the whipped cream, whip together
the sugar and cream.

A table!
At the bottom of the glasses, drop slightly
crushed biscuits and cover with orange.

Bon Appetit!

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