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The easiest recipe EVER!

NEWS marletteIt’s my mum’s favourite product in October selection. She was so surprised to get a home-made result out of a ready-made mix. I have to admit she is a great cook in everything dealing with traditional bask or spanish cuisine, but when it comes to deserts and cakes, she’s not that confident. But now she discovered Fondant au Chocolat baking-mix, it’s another story.

It’s maybe the easiest recipe you’ll ever see in this blog.

If it’s easy, it’s because all the work has already been done by Marlette. First choosing ingredients of finest quality, all sourced in France from organic farming. Then preparing this mix of perfect balance, including a touch of salt from Ile de Ré. So go to Marks & Spencer, or Fortnum and Mason, buy your Fondant au Chocolat baking mix. Go home, relax. Add 3.9 Oz of butter and 3 eggs to your mix. Put it in your oven, 15 minutes only.

You’re cake is ready, and if you are patient enough to wait, it’s even better cold, the day afterYou’re feeling a bit creative? You can use the baking-mix to create your own receipe. Why don’t you add nuts and create a brownie? Don’t forget, we have a pictures contest going on, so send us your creations at:, best pictures wil receive more Marlette baking-mixes.

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