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My Ducs de Gascogne Wishlist

aperitif-amuse-bouche-crumble-foie-gras-de-canardDear French Food lovers, with this post, I would like to introduce you to our partner Ducs de Gascogne. We worked with the brand on our October delivery with 2 references, a wild boar terrine and a Tomato spread.

But you have to know, that before choosing the products, the Ducs de Gascogne team made me taste at least 25 of their references. Yes, I know, life is hard 🙂

The team I worked with was really passionate about their products and gave me their recommendation and a lot of background information. So we 1st short-listed together the products that interested me, and they sent me 3 of each at home so I could decide what I wanted to include in our selection. I was so excited when I received the big parcel full of my dream products!

At that point, you need to know I share a house, outside Paris with 3 friends. They got nuts when they saw all the products, and it went worst when I told then they couldn’t touch them because they were there for a professional purpose. Seeing their sad faces, I organised a tasting committee, and included them in the experience. And as we couldn’t include everything we loved, I decided to post about the products, so if you wish, you can purchase them from the website Sadly the website is only in French, but let’s say for this time, food is an international language.


It’s a tiny tiny individual glass of foie gras coated with a  sweet gingerbread crust. You warm it in your oven for a few minutes. It’s really melty because of the foie-gras and the association with the sweet crust gives a surprising and joyful experience. I wouldn’t recommend it to people who are not keen on really melty / buttery textures, but if you’re like me, you’ll love it. In a few words: surprising / melty / subtle

If you’re keen on foie-gras but prefer traditional recipes, then you will enjoy this one : Délice Gascon



I tasted this one in its individual packaging. If, when you come back home from a work day, you need something conforting & ready-made, then this is for you. You can heat it in a micro-wave, the risotto is a bit stickywhen you do it this way, but still you can feel the strong duck taste, and the dried tomato gives it a hint a freshness and an interesting contrast. It’s the quickest French cuisine ever!
In a few words: quick / tasty / evening treat


Ohlala, les petits babas! When I was a kid, my family used to eat individual pastries as a desert every Sunday. There was one cake per person, so we used to shababas-au-rhumre them in two with my brother and sisters so we could taste two of them, after long negotiations between us.

The only one we could never divide was the Baba au Rhum, because it was my Mum’s exclusive property. Baba au Rhum is an adult treat, because, of course, there is Rhum inside. And you can really feel it, particularly in this recipe from Ducs de Gascogne. It’s really sweet, with a sponge texture filled with Rhum.  So in the glass pot there, there a re 2 babas. You can selfishly eat them or serve each Baba separately with vanilla ice-cream for example. Yummy.

In a few words: alcohol / sweeeeeeeeeet / genuine

Finally, is also the ideal place to purchase any kind of pâté and terrines. The choice is amazing, from traditional recipes ( L’OR, the original one, celebrating it’s 60th birthday, is a must have) to bolder creations, such as the Wild Boar you tasted from our box. Just choose the one which name appeals you most!

Bon appétit!

And don’t forget, to discover fantastic French food: !!!


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