Bonjour French Food life/Foodies trip in France

Not only for Londoners!

bonjour french food delivers everywhere in the UkWe are so glad to announce our service is now available all over the UK.

After a first delivery focused in London only, we are now opening the service in all the country. Any city, any village, any house can now receive its French Gourmet subscription box.

I take the opportunity to share with you a few facts about the relationship between our 2 countries. A relationship that does look like…love <3!

First of all, we are family. Yes, we are. Did you know than more than 1 out of 20 British people have French origins? And I’m not only talking about the 400 000 Frenchies living in London. 1 out of 20!  I tell you, we are family.

This must be the reason why France is the favourite tourist destination: 15 million British people visit France every year. And some of them decide to stay, particularly in Southern regions where French art de vivre is at its best such as Languedoc-Rousillon or Pyrénées Orientales.And when it comes to food, the link is even stronger. The UK is leading  the way in terms of Chefs & food habits development. For example Street food movement now reaching France was first spotted in the UK. International leaders such as Jamie Oliver coming from the UK open the way for a new vision of food, focusing on health, reliable sourcing and most of all, indulgence.

This social movement coming from the UK strongly benefits to French food exposure, because that is what it’s all about in French art de vivre: simple yet fresh and high-end ingredients and INDULGENCE. France is the 2nd food provider of the UK.

So, whoever you are, an expat in London, a foodie in Brighton or a curious cook in Manchester, we can now share with you our love for French food with our monthly selections that will make you feel as if you where on holiday in France.


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