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November is « Tartine »

Yes. Here it is. Finally revealed. Our next month theme is Tartine. I imagine you reading this and thinking: « Yeah, nice. Thank you but it does not help.  What do you mean with this word Tartine? »  You are wondering what will be inside the parcel. Is it worth it or not? Will you get a pepper-sausage again? Well if you count on me to spoil the surprise, you got the wrong address. Because I do think  surprise is what makes our concept exciting. And because I do believe in the magic of surprise, I also know that we can’t afford to disappoint you.  So we’ve been searching for great products around this idea of Tartine.

Usually, in Paris, and more generally in France, when you stop in a Bistrot at lunch time, the menu will be organised classically by type of dishes. You have of course the starters and main courses, including the plat du jour, the recommendation of the day.  Usually a smart choice by the way, because at least you’re sure it’s fresh from the day and at its cheapest price. You will also find other categories, outside the traditional French meal: the salades (too big for a starter, lighter than most of main courses) and the tartines which usually include the famous (or infamous, depending on where you eat it) croque-monsieur. And Tartines are the perfect choice for anyone in a hurry.

Tartines are a large slice of Farmhouse Bread, with a spread and toppings. They can be eaten hot or cold. Most common hot tartine is the goat cheese one. With a tomato spread. But tartines-figues-chevre-jambonTartines can also be audacious. With goat cheese for example, you can replace the tomato spread by honey and add some figs and pine nuts, and suddenly, your Tartine becomes gastronomy.

(the picture used here comes from the blog you can find many French recipes in it)

So you will receive a selection of products that you could eat straight from the box, or experience cooking them as a Tartine. Coming from Perigord, Provence or Gers, the selection is mainly savory. Your products will leave France November the 5th, arriving to your place around the 6th or 7th. You can already save the date to invite your family and friends to share your Tartines and other French treats.

I want to give it a go? Only 10 days left before we close the orders.

Use your special discount code FRENCHFOOD to save 5GBP.

PS: I could I’ve written this in only a sentence  i.e. « We can broadly say Tartines are the French version of Italian Bruschetta ». But I am a French Food purist, and I can’t say so 🙂


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