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This is the story of two sisters, Margot and Scarlette who created a wonderful organic baking mixes brand: Marlette. They grew up in Ile de Ré, a French paradise island and they decided to carefully source best organic ingredients of their region to create delicious mixes for bread and pastries. Simply add the butter and eggs for delicious homemade organic chocolate fondant, fab financiers or smoothy gingerbread….

The secret to Marlette’s mixes is the quality of their ingredients; organic artisanal fl ours, whole sugars, and chocolate rich in cacao, hand selected with care for their taste, origin, and nutritive value.

NEWS marletteWhen we first discovered the brand, we’ve been seduced by the sensoriality of the packaging, rough yet delicate. And also because, it’s not common in France, the brand offers a large variety of gluten-free flour mixes. And then came the tasting moment. I don’t know if you’ve tried it yet, but the result is exquisite. Nothing you can expect from a ready-made baking mix. I know it because I’m lazy, so I use a lot of baking mixes. No, here the result is not only good. It’s home-made.

Their range includes a wide variety of flour mixes, from home-made bread to sweet baking mixes and savoury tastes such as crackers or blinis. All the products are sourced from organic farming. There are delicious gluten-free preparations such as “Pain d’épice aux abricots”. All French classics are to be found such as Crèpes or Financiers.

Discover their subtile universe and the variety of the mixes at

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Price: Fondant au Chocolat Marlette 8€20 on Marlette website

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