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One week to go

SavedPicture(20)Only one week  now before our 1st subscribers receive their delivery. How exciting is that?

As in every young company, our first month of existence has been hectic. You know this feeling? When everything goes wrong at the same time? Well, we’ve experienced that. This is why we are so thankful to our first customers. And to our partners. So today, we chose to tell you a bit more about the people we are working with. Because thanks to them, finally, everything is back in order and we are ready for our delivery on October 10th.

The picture on the left has been taken while the stickers closing the box were printed. It’s a local printing company, based really close to Paris, called Print & Cut (yes, that’s what they do basically, they print and then they cut^^). It’s always impressive to see those massive machines multiplying logos again and again. And the feeling is even stronger when it’s YOUR logo.  Print & Cut has been founded one year ago, by a team of two. They’ve been handling our project with lots of professionalism. And also gave us good guidance for the next step of the process: the box itself.SavedPicture(19)

For the box, we chose to work with what we call in France a C.A.T. (Centre d’Aide par le Travail) i.e. a non-profit workshop hiring disabled workers. I discovered this type of workshops while working in L’Oréal. So I started looking for workshops as soon as I decided to start Bonjour French Food project. I immediately fell in love with the cheerful, yet hardworking, atmosphere of ESAT Dumonteil, the non-profit organisation we are working with. The place welcomes 83 disabled workers whose paid work contributes to their integration into society. They are in charge with building the box, protecting fragile products, putting them all together in the box, close the box, place the stickers and then…having your name on the box so we can deliver it to you. Here is the result.

The packages are dispatched in batches and, once they have arrived in London, couriers deliver the gourmet boxes to their final destination, you. The courier will deliver after working hours, to make sure you’re home when your Bonjour French Food delivery arrives.


You want to give it a try? with the promo code ILOVEFRENCHFOOD

Bon appetit!


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