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Yummy magazine!

WP_20130930_007[1]Fresh from our local printer, our Bonjour French Food magazine is ready!

And we have to admit, we’re pretty proud of it. Well, yes, it’s not as perfect as we wished. But yeah, still, pretty proud of it. Mainly because of its content. The French Brands and producers we work with let us a total freedom of speech. So what you’ll read about the products is nothing like an advertorial, only our personal thoughts and the infos we found relevant to reveal. By reading our comments, we’re sure you’ll get to know us better,  understand what matters to us. We tried to do our best  to keep faithful to our French identity, without losing our British readers. The magazine is written both in French and English. In addition to all information about the products, you’ll also find some news & adresses for French culture and food in London. And a recipe. And a travel guide to French region Aveyron. And an article written by Fabienne Henry from the blog Lost in London.  And…yeah, you’ll see.

Another reason to be proud of our magazine, is because we built it with people we love. I already mentioned Fabienne Henry, a humourous French expat living in London, whose subtle texts seduced us months ago. The artistic direction was done by Pierre Canville aka Cannibal Letters, who’s also responsible for our brand logo and identity.  He precisely captured our mood to translate it in image.

You’ll soon find your magazine in your next delivery, October 10th. For those who haven’t suscribed yet, don’t panic, you have until Otober 7th to get your 5GBP off on with the code ILOVEFRENCHFOOD.

Lots of love and French food.


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