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3, 2, 1… GO![Crown]-Keep-Calm-And-Eat-French-Food Our Website is now online

Bonjour French Food offers a « subscritption-based » e-commerce website for Londoners. Customers receive every month a surprise selection of typical French food.  100% Authentic, 100% Good.

Bonjour French Food’s online subscription makes it quick and easy for the client to sign up to its service with just a few steps to complete on the website. Once subscribed, the client will receive — on or around the 10th of each month — a carefully packed hamper containing a gourmet selection of between five and seven authentic French products. Also included is the Bonjour French Food mini-magazine filled with news on French topics of interest, information about French-based producers, and useful addresses for sourcing French products across Greater London


The service provided by Paris-based Bonjour French Food is designed for anyone that appreciates fine food and is based in Greater London; the company intends to branch out into the regions in due course. It is particularly suited to French expatriates in London, who may be nostalgic for certain products that are hard to find in the UK, but also to British enthusiasts for the French art de vivre who wish to discover France’s culinary heritage.

It’s an ideal gift ! The hampers are made up from a half savoury/half sweet selection of products that are 100% French. The product choice is key to client satisfaction and the selection criteria are based on authenticity, the French roots of the product offering and, above all, taste. For this reason, clients receive produce from small, regional producers as well as the largest manufacturers such as Comtesse du Barry (foie gras and delicatessen food) or Michel et Augustin (biscuits). Marlette is another favourite of the Bonjour French Food team, thanks to its organic recipes for typically French products such as “crêpe” batter and farmhouse bread.


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