Delicious French Brands/French culture in London

Paris & London

Well, wegallia hope this doesn’t seem too frustrating for you, but we decided to talk about a product….we will never send to you. Because we do not include any alcohol in our deliveries. Still, we wanted to introduce you to a French Brand, recently arrived in London. Gallia Beer.

French beer arriving in the Uk. These guys are bold (or crazy, you chose).

Or maybe not. Maybe in a market where people do understand about beer, Gallia will find it’s place. Because beer is essential in London social life, the quality of Gallia beer will sureley seduce the most picky customers.

Let us tell you the story of this brand.  A century ago, beers savoured in Paris cafés, taverns, bars and terraces, were brewed by breweries located in the capital itself. That is how in 1890, the Alsatian Jean-Jacques Wohlhüther, a dealer in hops, decided to take over a small brewery located « rue de la Voie Verte » in the 14th district. He founded the « Grande Brasserie La Nouvelle Gallia » whose different beers were a great success with parisians.gallia beer london
In the 60s, unable to cope with surging competition from foreign beers, the Gallia brewery went out of business like many others. This was the start of the development of the European brewing industry. But in 2010, 120 years after its creation, beer lovers supported by the Jean-Jacques Wohlhüter’s descendants , have decided to revive Gallia beer to continue the story. Now you can enjoy Gallia in more and more parisian cafés and…in London too.

For example, you can get a Gallia at L’Absinthe Restaurant

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